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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Partial Poll Results – Building Blog Readership Tips Wanted

The initial results of the poll that I have currently running in the sidebar which asks readers of this blog what topics they want advice on here at Problogger are coming in and I am interested to see what seems to be emerging so far.

The runaway leader so far is a request for tips on ‘Building Blog Readership’. It’s interesting that this is the number 1 result so far because I’ve been working on developing a resource on this very topic. It won’t be ready for a few weeks – but those of you wanting to learn how to grow your readership might like to stay tuned.

The results of the poll so far are:

  1. Building Blog Readership – 93 votes
  2. Adsense Optimization – 73 votes
  3. Writing Content – 69 votes
  4. Search Engine Optimization – 53 votes
  5. Blog Design – 44 votes
  6. Blogging Tools – 36 votes
  7. Other Advertising Systems – 28 votes
  8. Affiliate Programs – 21 votes
  9. RSS Advertising – 17 votes

There is still 6 days to go of the poll so it’s too early to make any major calls – but I’m interested to see that with the exception of point two (Adsense Optimization) the points that focus upon income streams are actually at the bottom of the list and that people seem more interested in other aspects of blogging.

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