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Overhit Hero Spotlight: Teze Tips & Tricks

Is Teze OP?
Teze is an OP single target nuker
 – Teze’s two abilities are high OP damage single target.
 – Teze Shunyata (1st Skill) deal high damage to a single enemy and has 50% additional damage
You’ll need atleast 2 dark allies to activate her leader skill (35% bonus damage and 5% Crit Chance)
 – 35% bonus damage is already high plus you’ll gain extra 5% crit chance to ALL ALLIES.
OP hero who is effective for Raids, Untamed Sanctum and PvP
 – For Raids and Untamed Sanctum, Single Target Skills is effective.
 – For PvP, knocking down an enemy with Single Target Skill is better than using Multiple Target Skill which can be countered with healing skill (if they are alive ofc).
OP If you have a lot of Multiple Target Damage Dealer Allies on your team.
 – If you have AoE/Multiple Target Damage Dealer Allies, Teze can finish them off easily.

Teze’s Favorite Allies

– Alcon, Elphie etc.. (Buff ATK+ Skills Heroes)
  These heroes can heal and give bonus ATK+ to allies which will provide boost OP damage to Teze’s OP single Target Skills.

– Blossom, Ludmila (New Global SR Hero) etc.. (Debuff Damage Taken to Enemies)
  These are heroes who can debuff enemies on which they will receive more damage from your next attacks.

Teze’s Favorite Weapon Stats.
– Dealt Damage Increase Rate
– Crit Rate for S1/1st Skill Shunyata

Teze’s Favorite Armor Stats.
Anything useful. Teze is not a Tank. Duh 😀

Teze’s Favorite Accessory Stats.
– Crit DMG + Rate (1st Skill and 2nd Skill will benefit)
– Skill Cooldown Reduction for more Teze’s OP single target skills.

Teze’s Favorite Accessory Item: +5 Battery Ring
It provides 24.30% Crit Chance + Crit Damage for 1st Skill Shunyata.
It also provides 24.30% Crit Damage for 2nd Skill Yaksha’s Wrait (Guaranteed Critical).

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