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Spanish Onomatopoeia


Definition: Spanish Onomatopoeia is the formation of words that people use for representing the sound of animals or things.

Onomatopoeia in Spanish

The onomatopoeia isn’t the same for all languages and cultures because they interpret each sound by their own way; for example when people make the onomatopoeia for a frog, they have different answers such as: “coa-coa” by French, “gae-gool-gae-gool” by Korean, “!berp!” by Argentina, and “ribbit” by United States.

Each onomatopoeia has a special verb that designates the use of the onomatopoeia.

Animals onomatopoeia in Spanish

English AnimalSpanish AnimalOnomatopoeiaSpecial verb
chickpollitopío píopiar
cowvacamu, muuumugir
dogperroguau guau, guauladrar
duckpatocuac cuacgraznar
frogranacruá cruá, berp, croaccroar
goatcabrabee beebalar
hengallinacoc co co coccacarear
horsecaballojiiiiiii, iiiiourelinchar
lionleóngrrrr, grgrgrrugir
owlbúhouu uuulular
pigcerdooink-oink, oinc-oincgruñir
roostergallokikirikí, ki-kiri-kicantar
sheepovejabee, meebalar
tigertigreggggrrrr, grgrgrrugir
turkeypavoglo, glo, glogluglutear

NOTE: You can make your own onomatopoeia to interpret the sounds that are near to you. Making an onomatopoeia doesn’t have a rule; everything is like it sound.

Spanish Onomatopoeia Videos

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