Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Now you can wear your favorite blogs.

I just stumbled on another way you can make a few dollars from your blog – this time directly from your readers – its by starting your own clothing label! Ok – maybe not your own label but you can have your own T-Shirts. Check out BlogTshirts.com which lets bloggers sell T-shirts without the hassle of having to make or send them and simply by letting others do all the hard work of inventory etc. I know there are other places you can do this online but this is one of the first I’ve see that is targeting bloggers! Its a service run by Dan Sherman.

‘Are you a blog reader? Show your fondness for the blogosphere by wearing your favorite blog on a t-shirt.

By wearing a blogTshirt, you not only show the world your awareness regarding the future of news delivery, but you also support your favorite bloggers. Each blog owner receives $10 per t-shirt purchased with their blog on it…..

Everybody wins. You get a cool t-shirt, bloggers earn money to support their nasty blogging habit and we here at blogTshirts.com can make enough money to retire to the Bahamas. (Don’t worry, we’ll keep blogging and making t-shirts.)’

So the question I have is this (and its not deep) what should the slogan be for “That Work” – SLG’s T-shirt?!? I’ll take nominations below. If I use your nomination I’ll buy you a free T-Shirt.

I’m not sure how many of you my wonderful readers are going to rush out and buy a “That Work” – SLG blog but I’m sure there are plenty of other blogs that this would work better with. At earning $10 per sale its worth a go if you have a lot of avid/obsessive fans reading your blog.

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