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Spanish Nouns


Definition:Spanish nouns are used to identify a person, place, thing, or idea. In Spanish the nouns have different types of classification as you can see below.

Person: José, boy, dentist
Place: garden, university, Peru
Thing: book, car, magazine
Idea: liberty, fear, intelligence

Nouns in Spanish

Classification for Gender

In Spanish the nouns are divided in masculine, feminine and neutral, as we know for masculine gender you use the article “el” and “los” and for feminine gender you use the article “la” and “las” and finally for neutral gender you use the article “lo“.

  • Feminine Gender
    Nouns that refer to female beings or that end in -a are usually feminine. Some nouns ending in -a-dad-tad-tud-ión-umbre, and -ie are generally feminine.

    Examples in Spanish:
    • the city = la ciudad
    • the will = la voluntad
    • the virtue = la virtud
    • the girl = la chica

    Note: Exist cases in where the noun have masculine gender and also end in -a.
    • the climate = el clima
  • Masculine Gender
    Nouns that refer to male beings or that end in -o-or and -e-ajeanemaomauma are generally masculine and also the days of the week, the colors, the numbers, the names of rivers, lakes and seas.

    Examples in Spanish:
    • the boy = el chico
    • the male cat = el gato
    • the writer = el escritor
    • the boat = el bote

    Note: There exist cases in where the noun has feminine gender and also end in -o.
    • the radio = la radio

There exist other types for Classification the nouns if you are interested in learn more about Spanish Nouns.

If you are interested in learn a language that have the same nouns to Spanish, you should learn Portuguese grammar because is very similar the Spanish grammar.

Spanish Nouns Videos

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