Not every food is innocent in summer

you can read it.

about the diseases that may occur with the months of
Anadolu Health Center Infectious Diseases Specialist Dr. Elif Hakko, hot
attention should be paid to mass food poisoning in the air, he said.

Not every food is innocent in summer

our food alternatives are increasing during the month; fruits, vegetables, salads
lots of greens and more to enrich. While everything is plentiful, hygiene
and the sensitivity of healthy food needs to increase. Sold in the open
or because the food on display is easy to reach and affordable
is preferred frequently. However, practical and innocent-looking foods and beverages,
can cause unexpected consequences. Bulk food with summer months
the news of the poisoning is also increasing. This is usually performed in schools and hotels.
poisonings are caused by food stored in inappropriate conditions. Inappropriate
food stored in conditions called “staphylococcus” that causes poisoning

Pay attention to food poisoning

toxinproduced by microbes is the first in some of the people who eat the same food
vomiting and diarrhea during the hours; some people make the situation easier and quicker,
even without diarrhea, others are shocked by vomiting and diarrhoea
can get in. Especially in the summer months, the outdoors sold or exhibited to the beat
pre-cooked or raw food, minced meat, milk, yogurt, not stored in the refrigerator,
foods such as cream and cream cause diseases.

Get fresh, packaged food

to avoid poisoning; fresh food and packaged
food sold as no expiration date
you have to. Due to a power outage, it must be stored in the cold
because the food is ‘warmed up’ for a while and is outnumbered
the proliferation and disease of microbes that will not harm health
can open it. Especially in ready-made ice creams, to pay a lot of attention to this point

Hand hygiene is important

one of the most important dangers of food sold or exhibited is food
the hand hygiene of the people who prepare. From the cleanliness of the staff
Even if you eat something in order to ‘taste’ in places where you’re not sure
can cause it.

the ice, which is made from water and how it is stored, is also made of poisoning
can cause it. Therefore, drink something refreshing in the summer
when we want to, instead of throwing ice in it, the chilled drinks with their mouths closed
it would be more accurate to choose.

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