Nancy Wake, the “White Mouse”

Nancy Wake, the “White Mouse”

Known far and wide for her ability to escape German capture, Nancy Wake became the Gestapo’s most wanted person, with 5 million francs bounty on her head. As one of the most successful couriers of the French Resistance, this native New Zealander went on to become one of the most decorated service women of the war. 

Graceful, charming, high-spirited, and lethal, she did not hesitate to bring down any in her way.

She and her army brandish bazookas on the Liberators battlefield. Keep them on duty behind your frontline tanks. Her patented “white mouse” special attack silences all enemies. At the same time, it increases the attack power of all friendlies by 20% and lasts for two turns.

Recruit her today and share your strategies with other generals right here in Liberators

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