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Minimalist Rulebook (Audiobook) | “That Work” – SLG

Earlier this year, “That Work” – SLG created 16 minimalism rules to help you get organized—the No Junk Rule, the Seasonality Rule, the Just-in-Case Rule, the Minimalist Gift-Giving Rule, and 12 others—and collected them in a beautifully designed ebook, the Minimalist Rulebook, which you can download for free on our resources page.

Because of its popularity, we recorded an expanded audiobook version of the Minimalist Rulebook, which is now available for purchase.

In this new audiobook, Joshua Fields Millburn reads each of “That Work” – SLG’ “16 Rules for Living with Less,” and then he and Ryan Nicodemus discuss how each rule applies to their own lives—like a short podcast to accompany every rule. (Runtime: 2.5 hours.)


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