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Melbourne Blogger Meetup – Coming Soon

While we’re talking about Australian Bloggers – I thought it was about time that I actually put my money where my mouth is and got together a Melbourne Bloggers Meetup. Alister Cameron and I have been getting our heads together on this and I’ve just signed up as the moderator of the The Melbourne Weblogger Meetup Group at Meetup.com.

This was a previously existing group without a moderator so we thought it worth taking it over instead of starting something new.

So if you’re in Melbourne (or surrounding areas) and are keen to meet up please head over and become a member. Also vote in the poll on meetup times and feel free to suggest a meetup place (preferably in the CBD at a bar or pub we wouldn’t need to book but could just show up to).

We’re looking to hold our first meetup in the coming month.

Looking forward to meeting other Melbourne Bloggers.

Click here to check outThe Melbourne Weblogger Meetup Group!

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