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Spanish Meats


Spanish Meats

It is time to learn all about Spanish meats. This guide help us how to learn all kind of meats in Spanish and how to pronounce and write it. It is important because you can order in a restaurant your favorite meat food.

Most Spanish-speaking countries are characterized by its delicious cuisine. There are countries for example Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina where you can delicious dishes where the main ingredient is meat. Throughout Latin America one will find a large range of meats that are prepared in tasty dishes. This page will show you interesting information about meats in Spanish.

Meats in Spanish

Spanish Meats
beef steakbistecchickenPollo
very rare steakbistec casi crudopork chopChuleta de cerdo
rare steakbistec poco cocidolamb chopChuleta de cordero
medium steakbistec término mediovealTernera
well done steakbistec bien cocidorabbitConejo
sausagesalchichafishel pescado


  • Tonight I would like to eat a steak.
  • Esta noche me gustaría comer un bistec.
  • My mom is cooking pork for my birthday.
  • Mi mama está cocinando cerdo para mi cumpleaños.
  • The restaurant’s specialty is fried chicken.
  • La especialidad del restaurant es pollo frito.
  • The main ingredient of the ceviche is the fish.
  • El ingrediente principal del ceviche es el pescado.

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