Like to travel? We sure hope so…

Please pay VERY close attention to this 8 hour special, gang.

We’ve got some travel related stuff to give away, and I can’t stress enough how important it is that you are sure you can and will be able to use the prize if you should win it. Please don’t enter if you’re not going to be able to definitely use the prize, okay? There’s still a lot more coming up, and plenty else for you to win.


None of these include airfare or any other necessary travel arrangements.

The subscription to the Home Exchange Site provides you the opportunity to “swap homes” with others on the site located just about anywhere in the world – just like in the movie The Holiday (romance not guaranteed!).

In this giveaway, you are actually REQUIRED to tell us in the comments which prize you’d like (because not everyone can travel to all of the given locations), and if the random number generator happens to choose two people who have chosen the same prize, we will award it to the first person and re-draw for another number.

So leave anything you like in the comments, but include one of the following:

  • HouseSwap
  • FloridaCondo
  • SedonaRetreat
  • PuertoRicoBB

If you’ve already won a prize in the giveaway, you may not win one of the above unless we’ve already said otherwise in that prize post.

This one ends on Saturday October 6 at 8pm (EST – New York, USA).


Winners and sponsors have all been notified by email. Thanks for participating, and keep checking the Birthday Prize Giveaway category for more chances to win!

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