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Light Therapy For Under Eye Bruises | Light Fill

How Can Bruises and Crashes Under Eye Go?

Bruises and collapses occurring under the eyes can be seen especially in men. The biggest reason for this situation is the advancement of age. Of course, the degree of under-eye collapse and bruises also affect the lifestyle of man. A person who lives a stressful, sleepless life is more likely to experience such problems when their age progresses. If you have this kind of problem, you can solve it with under-eye light filling surgery. When you go to the doctor with these complaints and want to be treated with light filling, there will be decreases in your under eye bruises and collapses after treatment. In general, the effect of treatment is seen one week after surgery. The biggest advantage of this treatment method is that it leaves a completely natural effect. There are no signs of surgery after the operation. Also, there are no problems like edema under the eyes.

What is Under Eye Light Filler? How is the surgery done?

The effect lasts one to one and a half years after under-eye light filling surgery. The content of this filler contains hyaluronic acid. In this treatment method, side effects are very rare. Very rarely, redness and bruises are observed. These rashes and bruises disappear in a short time like 72 hours. It is one of the treatment methods with low risk. Having a repeatable treatment method is also very beneficial for many people. Because its effect is a treatment method that passes after a while. Unfortunately, it is not possible to permanently get rid of these crashes.

Is There a Risk?

Treatment can be applied to people with under-eye pits. In addition, under-eye light filling is used for rejuvenation around the eyes. If there are swelling, bruising and ringing under the eyes, they are also used to reduce these conditions. To apply this method of treatment, you must first choose an experienced doctor in this business. When choosing a doctor, you can review the procedures that the doctor has already done. Although there are very few side effects and risks of this treatment method, you are present in your situation of being a victim of wrong practices. That’s why choosing a doctor is very important. The more professional the filling is done while the treatment is applied, the more risk-free and the longer lasting effect. If you want to have under-eye light filling, you should get help from professional doctors.

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