Spanish Kitchen

Spanish Kitchen Parts You will learn on this page all parts of the Spanish kitchen, learn to write and pronounce every part and utensil of your kitchen in Spanish, with our complete vocabulary of kitchen parts.

Other interesting language is Portuguese, we recommend to learn the house parts in Portuguese language, because Spanish and Portuguese are similar languages.

People can find a wide range of new words in their kitchens; these words have a different name in Spanish language and you can have a wide vocabulary by learning these words. The Spanish words for the things in the kitchen are not complicate to pronounce and learn. If you travel to Spanish-speaking country these words will help you find the things you need to cook or prepare anything you want.

Kitchen Parts in Spanish

English Spanish
sink fregadero
stove estufa
refrigerator nevera, refrigeradora
oven horno
microwave horno microondas
cabinet gabinete
dish drainer escurridor
can opener abrelatas
frying pan sartén
bottle opener destapador
colander colador
saucepan olla
lid tapa
scouring pad estropajo
blender licuadora
casserole dish cacerola
bowl taza
coffee maker cafetera
dish plato
dishwasher lavaplatos
fork tenedor
glass vaso
knife cuchillo
napkin servilleta
spoon cuchara
toaster tostador
chopping board tabla de picar
cup copa

  • Could you please pass me a fork?
  • ¿Podría pasarme un tenedor?

  • I wash the dishes after dinner.
  • Yo lavare los platos después de la cena.

  • There's coffee on the coffee maker.
  • Hay café en la cafetera.

  • Could you bring more cups?
  • ¿Podría traer más copas?

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