June, 2009 | SLG

Buy a house on mortgage.  This is the only way you can load up a lot of debt.   We are marching closer to the inflection point beyond which deflation turns into inflation.  Interest rates are still low – although they are feeling the pressure to go up.  By loading up on debt, you are taking advantage of the coming high inflation, which would wipe out the your debt. Of course, heed your cash flow, you don’t want to be forced […]

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The mainstream of economic teachings in highschools and universities is Keynesian economics.  Unfortunately, the Keynesian school of economics has gotten everything wrong and has driven our economy towards total collapse.   When a economic bubble burst, the excesses from the boom period must be allowed to be liquidated so the profitable and efficient businesses can absorb the resources tied up by unprofitable and inefficient businesses. Government bailouts, stimulus spending, injection to money supply would only increase the inefficiencies in the […]

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