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Introducing ChickAdvisor and Throng

Jeremy, Mark and I spent a pleasant evening tonight with the founders of ChickAdvisor (Ali and Alex de Bold). I’d not come across the site before but it’s an innovative and fun site for women looking for reviews and looking to review products, services, restaurants, deals etc – all for women (ie it’s advice FOR ‘chicks’ not ON how to understand them ‘chicks’ (although that’s a whole other niche).

While ChickAdvisor isn’t really a blog as such it does involve blogging and shares a lot of the same space. It’s a pretty interactive space with readers able to vote on each others reviews and add their opinions on what others have said.


While quite different in many ways – it sort of reminded me of another site that I’ve recently come across – Throng.

Throng is run by another husband wife team (Rachel and Regan Cunliffe – Rachel designed this blog) and is a community site that involves it’s readers in generating content around the topic of New Zealand TV shows.

Throng users get blogs, there are bookmarking features and a forum.

It’s nice to see these sorts of sites popping up around the blogging space and gaining traction. I suspect we’ll see more and more of this in the coming year or two – as blogging, social bookmarking, social media and more collide around different verticals.

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