Spanish Phrases

Another important thing that one must learn is greetings and phrases for meeting, because one can start a conversation and meet different people and cultures. One will see that the grammar in Spanish is easy to learn like other languages such as Portuguese grammar. After visit this page you will create many kinds of sentences as well as greet to your friends.

Spanish Phrases for Meeting and Greeting

Phrases for Greeting
Spanish English
Hola Hello
Buenos Dias Good morning
Buenas Tardes Good afternoon
Buenas Noches Good evening / Good night

Phrases for Meeting
Spanish English
¿Habla Ud. inglés? Do you speak English?
¿Se habla inglés aquí? Does anyone here speak English?
Discúlpeme por hablar tan mal el español. Excuse my poor Spanish.
Solamente hablo un poco de español. I only speak a little Spanish.
¿Cómo se llama Ud.? What is your name?
Me llamo Martín. My name is Martin.
Esta es Catalina. This is Catalina.
Estoy bien, gracias I am fine, thank you.
¿Qué tal ha estado Ud.? How have you been?
Lo comprendo perfectamente. I understand perfectly.
¿Cómo está Ud.? How are you?
Mucho gusto en conocerlo. I am pleased to meet you.
No lo entiendo. I don't understand.
¿Puede hablar más lentamente? Could you speak more slowly?

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