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Insurance Careers Month

Insurance Careers Month

Insurance Careers Month: Where to Begin

February is Insurance Careers Month, and Pekin Insurance wants new college grads to know their options for getting started in the Insurance industry.

Why insurance? Simple. Everyone needs it! From commercial businesses to people in your local community, most people likely own something that needs insuring. That’s where we come in. We get to help people figure out the insurance process and navigate what options they have to protect themselves, their belongings, and their loved ones. Who doesn’t love to help others? 

From claims to underwriting to customer service to even owning your own agency, there are so many different paths you can take in the world of insurance, so where do you begin? If you are looking for a career after college graduation, the insurance industry is a great place to start, regardless of your major. There are a variety of different entry-level positions that look for a wide variety of backgrounds and college degrees.

Below are two of the most common positions that don’t necessarily require previous experience in insurance:

Claims Adjuster

This position handles investigating and settling of claims. In this role, it is important to have skills in communication, customer service, and attention to detail. These are skills that are necessary in so many different college majors, which makes this job a great place to start for many new college graduates.

Customer Service Associates

This role requires skills like communication, customer service, having empathy, and staying calm under pressure. Most importantly, it requires problem-solving abilities. Every interaction with a policyholder as a customer service associate is an opportunity to help them navigate a problem they’re having and provide the help and support they need.

Both of these roles are amazing ways to begin your journey of learning about the world of insurance and gain valuable experience.

MyPath provides a detailed article about the types of jobs in the insurance industry and career paths that are definitely worth checking out!

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