I have New Year’s Eve presents!

It’s gift time! In December; I wanted to give new year gifts to those who subscribed to my channel. I’ve got a basket of presents. The answer is that the article is followed by…

I get a lot of gift products. We’ve collected a lot of these. We’ve been sending some of it in recent months; We couldn’t send some of it because the addresses were mixed, and this time we’ll send it. Now, I have new gifts, and I’ll explain my presents one by one.

So, who am I going to give these to?

• You must first subscribe to my channel.
• You should then write the names of your three friends in the comments section.

From here, we will be sending you a minimum of 2-3 gift combinations! So, what’s in my gift basket?

Tone It Eyebrow Styler

This is a hydrogen peroxide-free eyebrow coloring kit. Because it’s for brown eyebrows; I’m asking the blonde ladies not to write.

Triple Set

Latex-free makeup sponges are quite saviourin in make-up. I’ve got the Kiss brand’s foundation sponge, and I’m going to give you the Kiss brand’s moisturiser sponge containing 100 percent clay and a 100% natural, cotton face-cleaning towel. I’m going to give this threesome set with the Tone It brow set.

Wrinkle-Relieving Masks

Skincode is a brand I love. I have a wrinkle-relieving mask with Skincode’s cellular regenerative properties, and I recommend this mask to ladies over 35. I’m going to use this mask. I’ll give you an anti-wrinkle mask from Neutrogena’s new mask series.

Moisturiser Set

Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost series has products, and we can give them to a young friend who needs intense dry, moisture. I’ll give you a dense moisturizing hydrogen mask, Hydro Boost’s gel body cream and a moisturiser-enabled spray in the Hydro Boost series, with hyaluronic acid in it. In addition, I will also give the same series gel body lotion for normal and dry skin.

Lipstick Palette

I like Avon’s lip-protector lipstick. And the colors of the lipstick semanship i have are really the colors of the season. I’ll also give you a set of orange, red and nude shades and includes 10 lipsticks.

Mothers with Babies

This is a moisturizing and softening cream for the face of the Mustela brand. In extreme cold weather, you can use it when you take your baby out. Besides, you’re going to have to I’ll also send mustela’s under-produced cleaner juvengo. That was a product I used a lot when my daughter was a baby. You can use it for both the body and the hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner Set

I cooperated with Herbal Essences. There’s a lot of shampoo left from there; but the shampoo and conditioner containing golden cod oil was the most satisfied. I’ll send these two as sets.

Rosesha Purifying Rose Dust

I’m very supportive of Gulsha because she’s a local producer. I have purifying rose dust. They dry the rose sheets and dust them with rose stalks. Then they put it in the product. It contains pure rose petals, a very nice product. You take this rose dust in a very small amount of palms in the morning and evening. With some water, you turn it into a consistency paste and clean your entire face and neck area. Your skin is radiant, moist and radiant. I have three of this product and I’ll give it to three different people.

Detox Masks

We don’t run out of masks! I have a mask of Darphin, and I’m going to give it to you with Neutrogena’s hydrogen, purifying, detox-effective mask. Darphin is an aromatherapy brand that I love very much. I’m going to give you the vetiver oil stress-relieving detox mask. I’ll also give you Neutrogena’s instant effective detox mask. This set; I’m going to give a gift to a friend whose skin is spotty, tired and matte.

Solar Products

I have three Sebamed products, i’ll give you sun lotion and post-sun product, lip protector together. Besides, the Siveno brand is the only one who has a very good name to do. a very natural deodorant that does not contain aluminum oxide and paraben. It’s a pharmacy product. I’ll give it all together.

Bulb Against Hair Loss

I have a product of the Rilastil brand, and we’re going to give it to a friend who we know he’s really having hair loss; Because, this is a really expensive and valuable product. It’s a light bulb of the Rilastil brand. I’m going to give it to a friend of ours who’s having hair loss problems.

Hair Care Oil and Hair Peeling

Schwarzkopf Oil Ultime series marula yI’ll give you the maintenance oil that includes the network. I use this product, too. What does it do? After drying your hair, it takes your hair to grow up and electrify. It also smells and moistens beautifully.

Again in the same series; An interesting product containing Lotus Flower. I’ve tried this product, it’s actually a hair peel. You’re going to say, “Will you have the peeling of your hair?” It’s really happening. When you’re in the bathroom, you apply it with a lot of pressure on your hair bottoms. It purifies the bottom of your hair and makes your hair look more voluminous, brighter. I’m going to give these two hair products to a friend who likes to look at his hair.

Foundation and Makeup Remover Set

I’ll give you the foundation of the Sensilis brand and Gülsha’s makeup remover together. I love Gulsha’s makeup remover, it contains pure rose oil. I will give this product containing pure rose oil, along with sensilis’s fondoment in almond tones (medium color). This is an effective product with a slim build and shimmering.

Pre-Sleep Mask

Shiseido Beauty Sleeping Mask is a cleansing mask that you’ll use tonight. You’ve seen that on social media, too. It’s a product you’ll use before you go to sleep. It cleans the skin in depth, shines and triggers the formation of new cells. That’s why I like this product.

BlackDot Mask

I’m going to give you an anti-black dot mask with pure clay from L’oreal. I’m going to give it to you and lip balm.
These are my gifts. I say, “Good luck.” What you need to do is simple; you will subscribe and add the name of the three friends who have signed in to the comment section. I think there’s a product for everyone. Everybody have a good chance. I’m done for today. Goodbye…

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