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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

How to write for the Big Blog Networks

The people at Gawker must get people offering to write for them all the time – Nick Denton suggests that rather than sending in a resume that the best way to get added to their stable of writers is to start your own blog. He writes:

‘Rather than attaching a resume, or clips, why not start your own blog? That’s pretty much the only indicator we look at. A personal blog shows commitment, a writer’s interest, and a modicum of technical competence, all of which are necessary qualifications.’

Read more at nickdenton: Writing for Gawker

On the other hand the people at WIN seem to be actively campaigning for bloggers at the moment and have a bit more of an open policy about recruiting bloggers – instead of starting a blog they ask for three examples of your writing. They explain further on their digital photography blog:

‘We are currently seeking bloggers in a number of different topical areas here at WIN. If you believe that you are the blogger for us, and you consider yourself a team person, then please send the following three sample posts that you would write for WIN:

1. feature a new announcement in the area you would like to write about—cite a press release, etcetera and include your own comments and observations regarding this news.

2. write a quick ‘how to’ on an area within your field of blogging interest.

3. write a post that is highly interactive and designed to engage your readers in an ongoing conversation with you and your other readers on your blog.’

Read more at Is Blogging Your Passion? – The Digital Photography Weblog

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