How to make a healthy diet? 10 effective recommendations for healthy diet

Hello everyone! Today, I’m here with a very nice and very useful topic: “10 effective suggestions for a healthy diet”. You can check if your diet is healthy by looking at them. So why is it so important that the diet is healthy? Because there are some criteria for our health.

If a diet is not healthy; Your hair may fall out, your nails may break, your blood pressure may drop, you can pass out, there may be weakness. If you’re going through this too often, there’s something in your diet that’s not healthy. Speaking of these, let’s take a look at our 10 effective suggestions for a healthy diet if you want to!

  • You Should Have Nuts on Your Diet

What can you consume from nuts? Walnuts, almonds, nuts, cashews. Such oils allow you to stay full for longer, protect your heart health with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids contained, balances blood sugar, and in this respect it becomes both a healthy diet and you can diet longer because it provides such characteristics. Very rarely; I hear rhetoric about nut consumption for reasons such as water holds and fat, but you don’t take them into account!

  • Don’t Completely Remove Healthy Fats From Your Diet

There’s a huge confusion here. You don’t have to stop cooking the oil in the dishes and salads, while cooking eggs. Excess fat is damaged, few are very useful. It is beneficial to heart health, it allows the intestines to function quickly, accelerates metabolism, ensures the absorption of healthy fats in the body. Sometimes, there are symptoms such as breaking nails, opening in their colors. These are all the problems seen in those who completely shorten the oil and try to lose weight quickly.

Let’s say you don’t have to. If you are cooking a kilo of vegetable food, you can use oil up to three tablespoons. Or, if you’re making soup for four, you can use four teaspoons of oil. If you are cooking eggs, you can use 1-2 tablespoons of oil. You can use 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil for your salads. These really don’t do any harm to your weight loss and make your body healthier.

  • Diversify Your Diet, Stay Away From One-Way Nutrition

I mean, consume less often than anything. I hear some kinds of diets, such as “Constantly consume meat”, “Never consume meat.”. Either you don’t consume meat or vegetables, but the body needs everything, usually, the type of Mediterranean diet is recommended as the healthiest type of nutrition. We say that the essential thing for a healthy diet is to consume every food. What’s that supposed to mean?

In your diet; Eggs, cheese, yogurt, meat, milk, bread in a certain amount, occasional bulgur, pasta should be a little. The important thing is the rate, as long as you don’t increase the amount too much, there’s no problem. There must be fruit. People are trying to escape fruit candy, but our bodies work in order. If you do not take the necessary vitamins, there will be a deficiency from anywhere. It will either come back to you as a hunger crisis, or your blood sugar will fall, or vitamin less will occur. Therefore, you can use the You should consume less in your diet than every food our ancestors have consumed since they used to.

  • Add Carrots, Red Sweet Pepper, Radish, Cabbage to Your Salad

Since then, unfortunately, there’s a mistake that we dietitians do, and in your diet, make sure you use foods like carrots, red sweet peppers, red radishes and cabbage in your salad. Because people are always focusing on losing weight, wanting to lose weight as soon as possible. That’s why he’s avoiding the fruit, trying to extract the carrots from the salad. But these are very simple. Do not consume carrots freely. I mean, you can consume tomato-cucumber as much as you want, we always say that, but carrots aren’t included. However, it should be in a few salads. Why should it be involved? These foods contain a very high level of antioxidants. Red pepper contains vitamin C, carrots contain vitamin A. Already, antioxidants that give them red and purple color allow the body to fight cancer. So, to take some vitamins from everything; you can add them to meals and add them to salads in a little while. For example, i’m not going to say that. You can add 1 carrot to a salad for 4-5 people. You can use the paprika in the same way.

  • Long Stop From Packaged Food Products

Stay as far away as possible as you are additives, preservatives and colorants in packaged products. Foods such as fruits, yogurt, milk in healthy diets, more natural, highly unprocessed nuts, dried fruits, tdo not turn too much on ready-made foods. Diet-packed foods can rarely be consumed, but the most important thing is to choose those who do not contain additives.

  • Choose Water and Herbal Teas

Water and herbal teas are essentials to a healthy diet. Usually, people drink a lot of tea and coffee, and they’re fulfilling their desire to keep quiet. However, it only addresses the request, does not meet the need for water. Therefore, we need to reduce this kind of drink a little bit. Instead, we should put water and herbal teas. Your water is a it has an effect on balancing blood sugar, keeping the body full and accelerating metabolism.

When you drink water, you feel better. Herbal teas are also; Especially fresh ginger, fennel, green tea, as it protects against both cancer and stomach diseases, it is very beneficial for health and accelerates metabolism. If you place such foods on the diet, you can diet longer because it will make you less hungry.

  • Add Exercise to Your Daily Life

Make sure you take a walk, add exercise to your life! Without sports, diet is actually less effective. If a person is walking 45-60 minutes a day; Loses weight, lowers cholesterol, lowers insulin resistance, and loses weight from more fat. The reason many people gain weight after diet is because they do not add exercise to their lives.

  • Stay Away From Edema-Making Foods

One of them is packaged foods. Other than that, i’m not going to let Deli products, smoked meats, pickles (actually free as calories but can edema in the body because salt content is high), such as lemonade, acidic beverages, canned products also contain excess salt, so they edema in the body. The less you reduce such nutrients, the lower the body’s edema burden and the weight you lose will be a little faster. As your circulation accelerates, you get a healthier body.

  • Stay Away From Shock Diets

There must be all kinds of nutrients in your diet. “I ate one egg for breakfast. I only had soup at noon. I ate yogurt in the evening” i hear clients on diets like” Such diets can make you lose weight fast, you can make you happy at that moment, maybe you can lose around 15-20 kilos with this kind of diet. However, when you switch back to normal diet, you gain weight so fast that even you may be surprised.

  • Diversify Intermediate Meals

In a healthy diet, it is necessary to diversify nutrients. In particular, diversify the intermediate meals all the time. At intermediate meals, try not to consume the same foods very often. If you made a week of dry apricots and walnut-style snacks, change that meal the other week and turn it into fruit. If you ate 1 slice of white cheese and 1 piece of galeta in the afternoon midday snack, you can turn it into fruit and milk next week. Often change the intermediate meals so that you can change the intermediate meals; Both your body is surprised and take various vitamins and minerals into the body.

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