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How Legal Marketing Will Evolve in 2015

Fast Company Create has a great list of experts weighing in on their predictions for marketing in 2015.

Top marketers from the biggest brands and agencies shared what they will focus on this year to move their brands and products forward.

Here are some ways to apply their insights to the legal world.

A Red Carpet for Legal Superstars

Tor Myhren, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Grey said, “Our industry’s obsession with celebrities became massive this year, and I see this as an even bigger trend next year.”

The legal industry has its own celebrities, and where they aren’t found, they can be made. In 2015, firms should be looking to reach out to well-known players to form partnerships. But just as important, firms should be constantly identifying rising stars within their own ranks to leverage into publishing, speaking engagements, media, and ultimately, thought leadership.

“We are and forever will be a culture that cannot take our eyes off the stars,” Myhren said. “Micro-celebrities (like YouTube celebs) will continue to grow and become a more central part of media and partnership strategies.”

A Better Connected Clientele

Brent Choi, chief creative & integration officer at JWT Canada/JWT Toronto said, “There’s a lot of talk about unplugging, but it really is talk.”

In 2015, clients will be online more, not less. The Lawyer Marketing Blog reported that a recent survey showed more respondents planning to use the internet to find an attorney than print or word-of-mouth referrals. Between mid-October and mid-November 2014, people searched for attorneys more 800,000 times, according to StellarSEO. A Hinge Research study indicated that 77% of all law firm leads are generated online.

And they are increasingly online on their mobile devices. If clients are looking for counsel on their smartphones, smart attorneys take steps to be available on mobile devices. Make sure your advertising campaigns are optimized for mobile. Also make sure your clients can use mobile to do most everything they’ve traditionally done on a desktop computer. Smart attorneys use software such as Rocket Matter, which allows clients to pay on their phones.

“The tsunami of more tech spark[s] our growing need for more excitement, more fulfillment and in turn, more social currency,” Choi said.

That extends to review sites, an increasingly important place for attorneys to be. “Because so many consumers habitually look to review sites before buying anything, lawyers will have to pay close attention to reviews about them on Avvo,, Yelp, Google and Facebook,” legal writer Larry Bodine wrote for the Business of Law Blog.

Either way, it’s time to shift focus from print ads to online marketing in 2015.

More landing pages = more clients

Adrian Belina, partner and creative director of Jam3 said, “In the last year, we’ve definitely seen a return to the microsite format, especially for digital campaigns, and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of it.”

While microsites are not right for most firms, landing pages definitely are. Yet very few firms use them. Instead of sending all Adwords traffic to your home page, in 2015 you should try organizing your campaigns into services and creating conversion-optimized landing pages for each campaign. So for example, instead of sending traffic from both personal injury-related keywords and DUI-related keywords to your home page, create separate ads, and landing pages, for each.

Whether you have one site or many, law firm websites are now essential to firm marketing, according to Bodine. “Hinge research showed that 77% of professional firms generate new business leads online. 70% of law firms in another survey said their website generated new matters, according to Alyn-Weiss research.”

Privacy Goes Public

Gareth Kay, founding partner with Zeus Jones San Francisco, said, “I think we will finally see privacy going public.”

For some clients, confidentiality is a major concern. Which makes privacy protections a huge selling point. Your firm is likely taking precautions. Use that to your advantage by listing all privacy-related services and certifications on your home page and landing pages.

“We are seeing companies finally try to give people back control of privacy,” Kay said. “From established tech brands like Google and Apple moving to a default of private, to new offerings like BitTorrent’s forthcoming peer to peer browser Project Maelstrom or the launch this year of Blackphone, there are signs that people are going to be increasingly able to vote for privacy without making trade offs for functionality.”

Honesty and Empathy Take Firms Far

Jon Jackson, global creative director at Huge said, “Companies that are honest with people and really trying to make their users’ lives a bit better are the ones that will do best.”

Demonstrating competence is important. Demonstrating empathy is essential. Clients want an attorney who really cares about them, their case, and the outcome. Not only does communicating a genuine concern for others tap directly into the emotions that direct buyers’ decision-making, but it’ll set you apart from the competition as well, as few firms think to do this, and even fewer do it well.

“With social and political issues top-of-mind for so many right now, we’ll need to employ a greater sense of empathy and understanding in everything we do,” Jackson said. “The work we execute next year will be focused on braver ideas, honesty, and empowering people with a little more control over their lives.”

Leveraging celebrities, utilizing mobile, creating landing pages, advertising privacy, and demonstrating empathy are all best practices which can net firms more and better clients in 2015.

What are you doing differently this year to market your firm? If you’re interested in comparing software to help reach your goals, check out our practice management software directory, or talk to a Business Advisor for free help choosing the right software for your practice.

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