How do you find your soul mate?

Hello everyone! Where is your Soul Mate with an astrologer and a writer, dear Can Aydoğan, with very valuable insights on Vedic Astrology? We had a chat about his newly released book and his soul mate, and I wanted to share with you what I learned. Let’s get started!

Do You Really Have A Soul Mate?

The soul mate, it’s actually a very simple matter. When your bear and your bear, your sun, your sun, your rising, or your bear, your sun, your bear, the planets are mutual on your astrological map, there’s an incredible attraction. By the way, a person has a lot of soul mates, not one, so, in fact, it’s a soul mate, it’s basically the person who’s so concerted to you.

When you meet that person, it has a magnet effect, and in a very short period of time, all of a sudden you find yourself in the same house and married. You can’t leave because of the magnet effect, and it’s easy. Therefore, you can use the If it’s not happening with someone, if it’s not moving forward, if you’re not happy in your relationship, then that person doesn’t have a positive effect on you astrologically, and you don’t affect him positively.

And then there’s the thing… Let’s say that the opposite person’s Saturn, your bear or your sun is negatively affecting you. In some relationships, people can cancer each other, consume them financially. People have different effects on each other, but keep in mind that we can change everything on the astrological map.

Things on the astrological map are not our unchanging destiny

Anyway, our goal of coming to earth takes the map to a better point. So, how can you take your soul mate into your life? What do you have to do to meet your soul mate? What’s a soul mate? What’s a soul mate?

Some people don’t have maps. But we can’t leave that person. That’s because we didn’t actually develop our own power. When you do bond cutting work, the energy is balanced, you get the positive effects you give it back, you give back the negative effects you take from it, you can move forward when you disconnect between you.

And even if you’re not seeing each other, there may still be a connection between you and a lot of people in the past. You need to clear your heart so you can remove the people from the past and clean up that energy so new people can come. This is a very important issue.

So, how do you do the bond cutting work?

Link cutting work; you can even do it with your past lovers, spouses, bosses, colleagues, friends. Just don’t do it with your mother, father, siblings and child. Where life comes from parents, the child is your child, and the brothers are family. Other than that, you can do it with everyone and everything. It’s incredibly effective to do the bond-cutting work.

Some people do it with someone from the past. He’s cutting ties, and he’s looking for him back. Because the energy is being cleaned. It happens all the time in bond-cutting, the person in the past calls back. He tries to contact you. If you don’t keep seeing each other, your energy will be cleared and you can move forward with something new.

One of the most fundamental features I have seen in people who are very happy in their relationship lives; to move forward. In fact, every relationship is what teaches and develops things in itself. You have to move forward by taking it out of class from each of them. Until he was with his soul mate! He’s with someone else without being with his soul mate. He hangs out with her, sticks, doesn’t let go. What happens next? He’s very unhappy in his life. Therefore, we need to be aware of these. Others are happy with his family and his wife, but he always suffers from his friends. That’s the way it is with me.

What Can’s book is talking about is a process that doesn’t really end. You have to work with yourself all the time. Whatever you’ve missing, whatever you need to fix, you should do your best work on those areas all the time.

What is a Soul Mate?

Soul mate; He is the person who affects us in a very positive way, heals us, our lives rise in general, enlightenment, abundance and abundance, and positive impact on health. Obviously, having love with the soul mate, getting married, being lovers, being together positively affects one’s life.

At some point, the soul mate isn’t necessarily lovers. Very close friends become soul mates and positively affect each other. It’s a very important concept, and you have to realize that. Although the relationship house is very bad on the astrology map, although it has experienced very negative things in their relationship, everyone can be with the soul mate.

What to Do to Be With your Soul Mate?

Sit down and write to bring your soul mate into your life. What kind of person do you want? What kind of person don’t you want? You should write this clearly in its methods. I mean, i don’t know First you should be thankful for what happened in the past and write it as if it happened later. There are examples of this in Can’s book, which some of his friends say are writing and marrying people like the same. Now they’re happy!

Statement of Intent Very Useful

Whatever you want to have in your life, prepare a statement of intent for it. Paste the pictures and write as if it had happened. Initially, you have to ask for something closer. After that, you have to go upgrading it. There are real stories in Can’s book.

What do you have to do after the relationship starts? What do you have to do in marriage? How do you have to set up an order at home after marriage, how to get married, or to draw your soul mate into his life? There’s an answer to all of this in Can’s book.

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