How can we improve our English by watching series and movies in a simple way?

We all know that English is indispensable now. I’m afraid we don’t have a chance not to know or learn. For some of us, learning a new language is like a hobby and it’s certainly turning into a great torture for some of us, even if it’s fun. So why don’t we make learning English more enjoyable?

A.J. Hoge says

“If you want to learn a foreign language, books, words. set aside lists and especially grammar” .

If you want to speak English like your native language, your learning tactic should be the same as a newborn baby’s learning tactic. So you have to imitate it. “So how are we going to imitate what?”

“You can’t learn what you don’t understand,” Hoge says, “let us watch a movie or a series with subtitles from start to finish.” After the movie or series is over, start watching episodes this time and make sure you take notes and see what they mean. Then wrap it back in the head and listen this time by turning off the subtitle. Repeat this situation several times.

The next day, open the same parts of the same movie or series with the caption again. This time, you and the actor are watching the movie or the show you’re watching. In your next time, turn down the volume just try to voice it and don’t forget to record your voice. It’s important to record because it’s much easier to find where you’re making mistakes and the differences in your accent when you listen to your own recording sound later.

When you do these repetitions all the time, you’ll notice that you’ve learned words you don’t know. I’m also sure that the development in your accent will make you very happy. Yes, maybe it may take a while to finish a movie with this method, but as a result, we are improving our culture of film and tv, as well as our English. That’s what they call learning by having fun. I think it’s worth trying.

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