Spanish Holidays

Spanish Holidays If you seek expanding your vocabulary in Spanish, here you will find the most complete information about the holidays vocabulary in Spanish, also you find others words or phrases that are necessary in a holiday.

Each special date has a special name to remember why one celebrates that day. Spanish-speaking countries have many holydays, but if you want to learn the Spanish names of the main English holidays, the following table will help you. Spanish Holydays are not complicated to learn, you only need to practice each word to not forget the proper way to pronounce and write it.

Holidays in Spanish

English Spanish
holidays vacaciones
bank holiday día de fiesta
festival fiesta
Easter pascuas
Holy Week semana santa
Christmas navidad
summer holiday verano
new year año nuevo
valentines day día de san Valentín
saint patrick's day el día de san patricio
mother's day día de la madre
father's day día del padre
independence day día de la independencia
labor day día del trabajo
columbus day día de la raza
halloween noche de brujas
day of the dead día de los muertos
veterans day día de veteranos
happy thanksgiving día de acción de gracias
christmas eve Nochebuena
new year eve Nochevieja
birthday cumpleaños
girls 15ht. birthday quinceañera
wedding boda
anniversary aniversario

Useful Vocabulary for Holidays

English Spanish
camera cámara
tourist turista
travel agency agencia de viaje
tourist office oficina de turismo
brochure folleto
map mapa
guide guía
present regalo
souvenir recuerdo
first aid primeros auxilios
trip excursión
visit visita
scenery paisaje
open air aire libre

  • I received a bicycle for Christmas.
  • Recibí una bicicleta por navidad.

  • I went to a Halloween party.
  • Fui a una fiesta de noche de brujas.

  • My birthday was two weeks ago.
  • Mi cumpleaños fue hace dos semanas.

  • We eat turkey on Christmas Eve.
  • Nosotros comemos pavo en Nochebuena .

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