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Here Are Some Sexy PS5 Images You May Have Missed

Some shots you may have missed of the PS5 console and hardware.

There’s certainly a divide online in regard to the reveal of the PS5 console. Some find it awful to look at, others like it, myself? I love it. And in case you missed them, here are some more images of the console and hardware. You know you want to see it.

During the PS5 event last week, the next-generation PlayStation was revealed through a fancy, flashy teaser. During the teaser, it was revealed that the console would be available in two versions, a digital-only console, or one with a disc drive for those who still favor the physical editions of video games. There was also a trailer to show off the next-generation controller  in more detail, which as we already know is named the DualSense.

The official Twitter account tweeted a few extra images of the console and hardware which has been scattered across Sony’s websites such as the official PS5 page and the blog post touching on the announcements some more.

PS5 PlayStation 5

The group shot shows pretty much everything you can expect to grab in relation to the PS5. A DualSense controller, one of the two PS5 consoles available, a wireless —I think— headset with no microphone, a media remote, a DualSense charging stand, and a HD PlayStation camera. All come in a futuristic white with black details.


The charging stand looks sleek and is capable of holding two DualSense controllers, and on that topic, while I like the aesthetic of the controllers, there are concerns being raised surrounding the accessibility of the controller due to the new monotone style of the button layouts.


Of course, during the reveal people were concerned about how the console looks rather tall, and with no noticeable feet to lay it flat at the time of the trailer, people wondered if it was forced to stand vertically. It is possible to lay it flat though, and the console has what looks like a rounded base as seen in this tweet.

PS5 Close up

Also, while there have been complaints about the size of the console, look at the size of those vents. I’m not sure if this will stop the PS5 from sounding like a jet engine like the current PS4 consoles, but I certainly hope the size of those vents helps the console breathe incredible well.

So while you’ve probably already seen these images floating around online, I thought it’d be good to highlight them for those who may not be trawling through social media feeds on the regular.

The PS5 is still set to launch later this year.

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