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Pronouncing The Spanish H


The Spanish letter H is tricky to pronounce because for most new Spanish learners it is difficult to remember that it doesn’t pronounce at all. The Spanish letter H is always silent. However, when one combines this letter with the Spanish letter C, they form the new letter CH which has a sound. Other way the Spanish letter is silent. The letter H represents an Arabic sound that to English speaker sounds like a raspy h made deep in the throat. The pronunciation of the Spanish letter H will only require practice. Most native English speakers want to pronounce this letter as English language, but it will make a mistake if they pretend to speak Spanish as fluent as English. English speakers must keep on mind that Spanish pronunciation is a different to English one. Spanish and English languages have many words with the letter H, but these words have pronunciation rules, which are different in both languages. For example prohibir is a Spanish word and its pronunciation is Pro-ee-beer. The English word is “prohibit” and its pronunciation is prohɪbət. You have already noticed the difference. Many non-Spanish speakers wonder themselves: if the Spanish letter H is usually silent, why it does exist? Well, this pint of view is right, but there are some important reasons why the Spanish letter H exists. The first reason is etymology (word history). This reason is similar for the English letter k in the word know” and the “b” in “lamb” used to be audible. Spanish has used the letter H many centuries. Most Spanish consonants have become soft over the time; the letter H is a clear example of this phenomenon, it has become very soft so it seems inaudible. The letter H is usually used to separate two strong vowels (a, e, o); these cases are known as diphthong. These days, the letter H is omitted by many people when thy write something, but one must remember the correct way to write Spanish language.  You already notice that H is a common Spanish consonant, many words such as verbs, nouns, adverbs and other words use this letter.

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