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Google Analytics – First Impressions

I turned on my computer this morning looking forward to checking out my first statistics with Google Analytics (which apparently takes up to 12 hours to see it’s first stats come in).

Unfortunately they seem to be having some ‘issues’ – probably due to the number of people signing up for the service. I’ve had a number of problems so far with it:

1. I recently was asked to swap my AdSense and AdWords login email addresses to a gmail one which I did. I signed up for Analytics with this gmail email but it’s constantly trying to get me to log in with the old login and sometimes halfway through a session (after having logged in previously with my gmail one) it will suddenly swap me to my older login which means I need to login again.

2. Logging in is a hit and miss thing. I’m either timing out, seeing a maintenance page or taking a few minutes to get logged in. Similarly after logging in I click on a link within the page and either time out, get switched to my old login which asks me to sign up again, see a maintenance page or have a very slow transition to the new page.

3. When and if I do get logged in I’m still seeing no data – 17 hours after adding the code two of my blogs.

So all in all – my first impressions of Google Analytics are that it has potential (the glimpses of the stats that it’s supposed to give me look worth having) but that it’s slow and incredibly frustrating. I expected more from a Google product to be honest – I know there are always bugs with new things but if I’d been them I would not have promised a 12 hour delay if there was any chance at all that it might be longer.

I’m going to stop trying to use it for another day or two til they get the bugs out of the system.

update: while the US sleeps it seems that Google Analytics has sped up a bit. Logging in is possible and it’s all loading reasonably quickly. Still no actual stats/data yet though after 24.5 hours so far.

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