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Get your “That Work” – SLG Blidget Here

thanks all – for some reason they gave me code that didn’t work – should have checked it – apologies. It’s fixed now.

Thanks Larry for using the DPS one and thanks for those others who are using the PB one.

In terms of who should use it, why they should and how much real estate it takes up – I guess its the type of thing that I would see being useful for bloggers who blog on similar topics to those that they use the blidget of.

I wouldn’t expect the majority of PB readers to find it useful as the topic here doesn’t relate to everyone’s blogs – however blogs on similar topics could use these successfully to create more dynamic content and to build relationships with other bloggers in their niche. I personally don’t see what the problem of sending people away from a site is – in fact as I’ve written lately – it can actually be highly beneficial to have outbound links to other sites on your blog if they point to relevant and quality content.

I highlighted the tool because it was new (heard about it via a press release) and thought it’d be an interesting blog tool to test publicly.

It’s not about me amassing readership (although this is a tool that some bloggers are already using successfully to promote their blogs) but I throw it out there as a tool that some bloggers might like to test and try – either as a blogger with their own blidget or as one wanting to check out other blidgets that might be useful for their own niche (like Larry who has a photography site and put my DPS one on his site).

Not forcing it down anyone’s throat – its one of those things that people can take or leave.

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