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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Get Exposure by Sponsoring “That Work” – SLG’s Next Group Writing Project

I’m getting ready to run the last “That Work” – SLG Group Writing Project for 2006 but before announcing the topic I’m looking for some amazing Prizes to tempt participants with (if you don’t know what a group writing project is you can see the last one here).

If you have a prize you’d like to offer the project in return for some pretty nice exposure I’d like to hear from you (read on to find out what I’m looking for).

Previously I’ve limited prizes to 5 – this time I’d like to give participants an extra treat and offer 10!

What Type of Prizes?

Last time the prizes included a week’s stay in an apartment on Spain’s Costa del Sol (valued at 1000 euros), $100 Cash, a $200 voucher from Amazon, a license for Expression Engine ($150) and a gift voucher to iTunes ($150).

That’s the range of prizes that people are offering and I’d like us to hit that type of level (or above) again. Ideally I’d like the prizes to be of some sort of use to bloggers.

What do you get as a Sponsor?

  • Sponsors will receive links in every post on the project during the week that it runs (last time I think this was on about 7 posts).
  • Last project just under 350 bloggers participated and many more read the pages associated with the project.
  • Most participants linked to pages with the sponsors listed. Some of these bloggers linked not only to the project but to the sponsors of it directly.
  • “That Work” – SLG is read by 5000 daily readers via the blog and another 8000 via it’s feeds.

Requirements of Sponsors

  • Possible winners are from around the globe and the prize needs to be able to be received internationally (for example one of the prizes above was converted to cash due to it not being able to be sent overseas).
  • Prizes are awarded to random participants in the project.
  • The companies/individuals offering the gift need to take responsibility to getting it to winners.

I choose which prizes to use based on a number of factors including value, usefulness to bloggers, variety (between prizes) and the suitability of the sponsor to my readership (ie I’m not going to offer prizes from adult or gambling sites).

Last time we had offers for prizes from quite a few people – please don’t be offended if your prize isn’t selected – I will take a maximum of 10.

Submit Your Idea

If you’d like to offer a prize I’ll need to hear from you in the next 48 hours – by Friday at 9am (Melbourne Time). Submit your pitch including prize value, description and where you want your promotional link to point (and the words you’d want the link to say) via my contact form.

Any questions? Shoot me an email via my contact form.

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