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Spanish Gerund


Definition:Spanish gerund, also known as present participle; is not the equivalent to the English gerund because Spanish gerund cannot be used as a noun as in English. English gerund can be translated into Spanish as an infinitive. 

Gerund in Spanish

The gerund is formed by removing the infinitive endings, arer, and ir and by adding ando to ar and iendo to er and ir. The gerund is used to form the progressive or continuous tenses.
Er —>iendo
Ir —>iendo
Examples in Spanish:

  • to speak = speaking
  • hablar = hablando
  • to eat = eating
  • comer = comiendo
  • to go out = going out
  • salir = saliendo

Note: It is important to remember that if the er or ir verb stem ends in a a vowel, is must add yendo instead of iendo.

Examples in Spanish:

English VerbSpanish VerbSpanish Gerund
To fallcaercayendo
to believecreercreyendo
to fleehuirhuyendo
to goiryendo
to influenceinfluirinfluyendo
to hearoíroyendo
to bringtraertrayendo
to readleerleyendo
to followseguirsiguiendo
  • I am thinking about you
  • Estoy pensando en ti.
  • I am studying
  • Estoy estudiando
  • Ana is lying
  • Ana está mintiendo

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 Spanish Gerund Videos

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