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GameStop Requires Customers to Wear Masks From July 27

Wear a frigging mask.

The coronavirus pandemic is far from over, and health officials have been informing people to wear a mask in order to avoid spreading the virus. However, numerous videos online have seen Americans (and people in the UK to be honest) getting all arsey about their freedom to wear a mask if they want. Donald Trump has also recently said that he will not be considering a national mandate that requires US residents to wear a mask at all times despite the advice from health officials. However, if you want to go to GameStop, you’ll have to wear a mask or face covering of sorts.

On July 17, GameStop announced that it would be joining other retailers around the US in making face coverings mandatory when shopping in its stores. This action goes into effect on July 27.

“We believe this is the right thing to do to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our associates and customers from the growing spread of COVID-19,” George Sherman, chief executive officer for GameStop. said in a press release. “wearing a face covering is a simple step every one of us can take to ensure the safety of others in our stores.”

It’s also stated that those who have concerns or health issues in wearing a mask or face coverings can shop online rather than go in-store.

Back in March, GameStop was still operating throughout the coronavirus and branded itself as an essential business so that stores could remain open and continue trading. However, it was eventually forced to close down after electronics and appliances stores were deemed non-life-sustaining businesses. Despite this, a store near Boston was found to have violated state lockdown procedures. In April it was also announced that GameStop executives would be taking pay cuts which could lead to other employees also getting reduced pay.

Now, the restrictions of lockdown have been easing with stores reopening, but people seem to be forgetting that the virus is still out there and cases continue to rise. In the US, according to the Google coronavirus website, the US has seen 3.83M confirmed cases with 143K deaths.

So, if you want to go nab a physical edition of your desired video game in person, you’ll have to get your mask or face covering ready for when the rule comes into effect from July 27.

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