Fun Things to Do With Grandkids in the Cold Weather Months

Fun Things to Do With Grandkids in the Cold Weather Months

You love spending time with your grandkids, but they are full of energy, and it’s cold out! Here are some fun things to do with grandkids when it’s too cold to spend time outside.

There are a lot of fun things to do with grandkids that will expend their energy, save your sanity, and ensure everyone will have a good time. In the summer, a walk to the park might be all you need for hours of entertainment and exercise. But when it’s cold out or rainy, be creative with how you enjoy your time together. 

Fun things to do with grandkids at home

Let’s start right at home because on those frigid days, the idea of leaving the house can be a bit intimidating. We don’t have to convince you that a little imagination can provide a nice list of fun things to do with grandkids, but it can be hard to remember just how easy it is to be creative sometimes. 

Board and games 

Games are a fantastic way to entertain the grandkids when it’s too cold to go out. Anything from Sorry to Hungry Hungry Hippos to Go Fish can be fun, especially if you add a little twist by betting with cookies! If your grandchildren are tired of playing the games they own, see if you can teach them a card game they may not know, like Rummy. If you’re feeling inspired, you and your grandchildren can create a new game together.


Every kid loves a freshly baked cookie, and there are a lot of easy cookie recipes out there that don’t take much more than flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. This is also a great way to teach math to a child by multiplying and dividing tablespoons and cups. Let them help you figure out how many 1/2 cups of flour you need to equal 4 cups or how many 1/8 cups it takes to equal 3/4 cup of sugar.

Make a movie 

Kids love seeing pictures of themselves. Even more, they love watching movies of themselves. With the ubiquity of smartphones, anyone can make a short movie. Sit down together, plan a script, and then get the camera rolling. If you really want to get creative, download a simple video editing app on your phone and customize your new movie. Your entire family will get a kick out of watching the new superstar, and you’ll have something cute to share with your friends the next time they ask about the grandkids. 

Fun things to do with grandkids out of the house

Okay, so sometimes, no matter how cold it is, you just have to get the kids out of the house. Cold weather provides a unique category of fun things to do with grandkids that you simply can’t do in the middle of summer. Just be sure to bundle up!


Sledding is a classic for healthy, outdoor fun in cold weather. All you need is a cheap sled, a few layers of clothing, and a hill. Oh, and some snow. Sledding gets you all outdoors for some fresh air, and if you can stand to be out for about 45 minutes, your grandkids will probably get completely worn out. Pulling a sled back up a hill in the snow takes a lot of effort! Top it off with a nice cup of hot chocolate and a movie at home, and you’ve just won the “grandparent of the year” award. 

The Zoo 

One nice thing about zoos in the winter is that, if it isn’t too cold, some of the animals are more active. There are also fewer people to block your view of the cute otter playing ball with his friends. Most zoos have indoor spaces, too, so you can warm up in the tropical bird area before venturing out to see the snow leopard. 


A museum is great any time of year, but especially in the winter when you need some fun things to do with grandkids that don’t require you to pull out the arctic explorer boots. Your local children’s museum can be a respite from the boredom of winter’s cabin fever, but don’t forget about some other possibilities that may be less occupied. Nature preserves, historical societies, and colleges and universities are all good options for museums. Many local libraries also carry passes to area attractions for free or at a reduced price.

The only limit to fun is your imagination

As adults, we often forget how easy it is to have fun. Or as the Cat in the Hat might say, “It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how.” Sometimes it’s as simple as a living room tent made of sheets and a good story that provides hours of fun. A game of hide-and-seek or building with Legos is always more fun than you might expect. 

So next time the grandkids visit on a cold day, no one needs to be bored. The future of fun is in your hands. Now go out there (or stay in) and enjoy the simple things that make memories.

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No list of fun can be complete. What would you add? What are your best tips for cold weather fun with the grandkids? Let us know in the comments. 


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