Fruits in Spanish

Spanish Fruits Fruits are an important part in our daily diet is for this reason that people know the names of fruits in Spanish is important when you travel to a Spanish speaking country and want to buy fruit at a market. Other language similar to Spanish is Portuguese, so if you want to learn about fruit or eating, we recommend you to learn Portuguese.

There are different fruits around the world, but you can begin learning the name of the most common fruits you know. The Spanish vocabulary for fruits is very easy to learn, but you must practice a lot to not forget how to use each word and what they mean. Every fruit has its own name and meaning, you can see pictures or photos to have to not forget what fruits you have learned.

Spanish Fruits

English Spanish
apple manzana
banana plátano
cherimoya chirimoya
cherry cereza
coconut coco
fig higo
grapes uvas
grapefruit toronja, el pomelo
kiwi kiwi
lemon limón
lime lima
mango mango
mandarin mandarina
melon melón
mulberry mora
orange naranja
papaya papaya
pear pera
pineapple piña
plum ciruela
raspberry frambuesa
strawberry fresa
walnut nuez
watermelon sandia


  • Pineapple juice is delicious.
  • El jugo de piña es delicioso.

  • Fruit salad and apple and pear are good.
  • La ensalada de frutas de manzana y pera es buena.

  • Watermelon is a fruit with plenty of juice.
  • La sandia es una fruta con mucho jugo.

  • Eat twelve grapes on New Year is of good luck.
  • Comer doce uvas en año nuevo es de buena suerte.

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