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Free APB: All Points Bulletin Accounts and Passwords 2020

All Points Bulletin, which we can refer to as an alternative to GTA online, is the new game version of APB: Reloaded. The game, which we will present to you via Free APB: All Points Bulletin accounts and passwords , was founded by GTA’s producer David Jones and is an online extension of GTA. The company did not reach the desired level with the game it offered for sale in 2010 and caused the company to sink in a short time. The game was later developed and brought to the players again in 2011 under the name APB: Reloaded.

How to Register APB All Points Bulletin Game?

First of all, you need to enter the game’s official website and click the register game link from the new interface of the game, APB Reloaded. Then fill in the empty space provided by entering your e-mail, date of birth and password in the site content. After entering the necessary information, you will see a section called “Join now”. After clicking that button, your registration will be successful. A password will be sent to the e-mail address you entered while creating an account. By clicking on it, you can activate the account and start using it. You can enjoy the game to the fullest with free apb all points bulletin accounts and passwords we will offer you.

Free APB: All Points Bulletin Accounts and Passwords:

Username: these
Password: 6ed85wIs

Username: metal
Password: TVZGHG

Username: 23021992
Password: nziemeadyfnz

Username: zhuai
Password: knicksstreetprotonmailZLJYTMX

Username: king
Password: frosallivebastardize

Username: chainsaw
Password: lrohanq1w2e3r

Username: porn
Password: norwoodmynetgnvaxy

Username: referee
Password: hachiattuncoagulative

Username: pineappl
Password: rqBYzcCR

Username: rjntyjr
Password: 1rWB1Kzq

Username: action
Password: wilbert81volkmanpacification

Username: 5121988
Password: mcculloughbiankawhisper

Username: 3333333
Password: EMTAXU

Username: 147147
Password: ahuilletmac8967

Username: eugene
Password: RZKZAJ

Username: pizzas
Password: sffwucwot

Username: huang
Password: papppsbcgloballekker

Username: vader1
Password: keyonroob666

Username: madcat
Password: rcwilmsntornado

Username: vladimir
Password: rmqspygdc

Username: persona
Password: westley80krajcikinstructorial

Username: w00t88
Password: pkplexlivegabriell

Username: rjhjktdf
Password: 9ZPO0SEU

Username: boogie
Password: pagacthelmainternuncial

Username: seeking
Password: bethel63wcxjdf

Username: bigtits
Password: cheyannelovebug


The game first appears with a trial version published by GamersFirst. The game, which is planned to be delivered to a limited number of users in the first place, later took its place in large platforms. With Free apb all points bulletin accounts , we will enable you to enjoy this game content.

Features of the free APB All Points Bulletin Game

This game with high action dose with its changing face is quite enjoyable. It is a game with a fictional city of the MMOTPS genre. There are two rival groups in the fictional city called San Paro. These two groups are involved in the game as criminals and executors. Today, the adventure in the game deals with the weapon and vehicle-based struggles. The makers of the game have taken the game to a faster and more free dimension with the choice of tools and costumes, using more original characters. We will give you free apb all points bulletin passwords so that you can play this unique game.

Players are heading to the fictional world between executives and anarchist criminals who want to distribute justice in the game with their own hands. In this fiction, players choose their side in the struggle of the two groups to take over the city of San Paro and they lead the unique online experience of the game.

Changes to the All Points Bulletin Game

The game named All points bulletin has been upgraded with the reloaded version of apb. However, some changes were made in the game. Let’s talk about the changes in the game adventure in the article where we will share Free all points bulletin accounts and passwords ;

  • All the tools have been developed and redesigned.
  • Beginner vehicles are newer and easier to control.
  • The damage level of the weapons in the game has been significantly increased.
  • Enhancements of the same type have been removed.
  • Improvements can be made according to 10 types.
  • Authorized persons can take place separately in vehicle and weapon categories with their awards.
  • Roles have been renewed.
  • Great measures were taken against computer hacking.
  • Schema control has been renewed.
  • Players can upgrade their accounts to premium for free during the trial period.
  • Instructional information about tools, groups and improvements was added.
  • Personalization limits are included for the players. Character creators are unaffected.
  • Rental weapons were made available. These weapons are included in the free trial version of the game.

As the game did not hold in the first place, it was considered to be completely removed from the market. But with the upgrade of their models, they are preferred by users and are played with pleasure online. You can easily play the game with Free apb all points bulletin accounts and passwords that we share with you below.

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