The Spain Flag Countries all over the world use flags to represent them. The flag has much significance in its representation of the country. No two world flags look alike and serve as symbols for their respective people and government. If someone is curious about a nation's flag or a country, they can simply search to access maps and flags from every country.

Spanish Flag symbolism and meaning

The spanish flag has many significant parts. Not only does it represent the people, it also represents the history. Its colours and patterns are all parts of spanish flag meaning. The spanish flag has 2 colours. It has a red stripe on the top and bottom of flag and a yellow stripe in the middle. The royal coat of arms also appears on the yellow band. The coat of arms includes a seal and the Pillars of Hercules. Yellow signifies generosity and says that Spain tries to be generous country. The red stands for bravery, valor and strength. All of these facts, when compiled, make if the spanish flag meaning.

Spanish Flag History

The spanish flag has existed for many years in Spain. Since the 1920's, a flag very similar to the one used today has been flying over Spain. The official flag was adopted in December of 1981. Before 1981, an image of an eagle also was on the flag. The two colours of the flag have been used since the 1700's. The king chose those colors so that the Spanish ships could be identified. More information and historical facts can be learned about the spanish flag by visiting flag of spain.

Flag of Spain Coat of Arms

The coat of arms that appears in the center yellow section of the flag is quite detailed. The two pillars represent Gibraltar and Ceuta, which are located near the Eastern part of the Strait of Gibraltar. Images on the seal also include a castle, a shield and a lion wearing a crown. The colours can be traced back to the Castile and Aragon royal families. The colours represented the union of the two houses.

Legend of the Spanish Flag

In the previous paragraphs, historical facts were discussed to show the meaning of the flag and its colours. A legend about the flag also exists. Since Spain is known for bull activities such as the running of the bulls and bullfighting, it makes sense to have a legend relating to this national pastime. Legend has it that the red on the flag stands for the bloodshed of bulls and matadors. The yellow stands for the sand arena. Although this legend is a little more gruesome than the historical tale of the flag, many citizens and tourists alike tell the false story.

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