Fishing Hole Safety Tips!

Fishing Hole Safety Tips!

With spring and summer approaching, outdoor activities are on the rise. One of my favorite activities for this time of year is fishing. Fishing is a great way to spend time with the family and have a little fun. But fishing can be dangerous. There are many things that can hurt you while fishing, from the hooks right down to the fish that you catch. Here are some tips that can help you have a great time and stay pain-free for your fishing trips.

1. Hooks – Most fishermen use hooks (some use their hands, not me) to catch their fish. When fishing, you must make sure your hooks are secure at all times. Hooks can hurt; they can cut, scratch, and impale you. I always have my hooks in a tackle box until I am ready to fish. I rig up at the fishing site. Hooks can also be dangerous while casting. Make sure that no one is around your rod when you are casting. A hook can easily catch your fishing partner if you are not careful.

2. Swimming – When spending time around any large body of water, knowing how to swim is a good idea. Many fishermen use boats, and while the likelihood of your boat tipping over can be small, it is still a possibility. If you can swim, you can have a better chance of staying safe during an experience like this and helping others stay safe or get to safety. If you cannot swim, taking a few lessons would not be a bad idea. Also, you should always have enough life jackets in the boat for every individual (it is required by law).

3. Fish – Catching a fish is an awesome experience, but it can also be dangerous. Many fish can hurt you; some have teeth, razor sharp scales, stingers, or spines. Many of the most popular fish to catch can do some damage to you. Always handle fish with care and respect. Make sure you have the proper tools and materials (like gloves and pliers) to ensure everyone’s safety.

4. Sun – When fishing, the sun can be just as dangerous as everything else. We always want to be prepared, so make sure to have plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. Sunburns are no fun; always make sure to reapply the sunscreen every few hours to prevent sunburn.

5. Shoes – Always wear them whether on a boat or on land because there are plenty of things that can hurt your feet while fishing. Rocks, glass, hooks, knives, and many other things can cause some serious damage. Shoes will prevent most injuries to the feet.

Hope you catch that big one!

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