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Feed Compare – Feed Comparison Tool

If you’re into comparing stats with your competitors (or friends) then you might like to check out Feed Compare – a tool that lets you compare the numbers of subscribers to a blog with other blogs (as lon as they are all using Feedburner).

Here’s a comparison of my two blogs over 24 months:

You can also do comparisons based upon different periods of time (1, 3, 6, 12 and 24 months). One cool feature is that you don’t need to know the Feed URL of the blog to use it. You can just put the name in and in most cases it gets it right. I say ‘most’ cases because as I write this if you put ‘ “That Work” – SLG’ in you get a blog with 85 subscribers.

You can see that it picks up all fluctuations in subscriber numbers – the real ones as well as glitches (that massive spike was a day that most people had their numbers double). I don’t tend to get into these types of comparisons (I tend to focus on my own numbers more than others) but it’s probably something that we’ll see people enjoy using.

For fun – lets check out three of the big Web 2.0 blogs :


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