Family in Spanish

Spanish Family It is time to learn all about family in Spanish. Expand your Spanish vocabulary with the family in Spanish, with their respective pronunciation and right writing. In the next list you learn the words to describe your family members in Spanish.

Chances are when you meet to some interesting Spanish-speaker person you want to ask about his or her family, it will be a great idea if you at least know some common Spanish phrases, but if you do not know any phrase, be sure that you will have an embarrassing moment. So, learning Spanish family vocabulary is always a good idea, besides it will help you also to have a better social life.

Spanish Family

Family in Spanish
husband esposo, marido wife esposa
children niños son hijo
daughter hija father padre, papá
mother madre, mamá brother hermano
sister hermana grandfather abuelo
grandmother abuela uncle tío
aunt tía nephew sobrino
niece sobrina cousin primo, prima
brother-in-law cuñado sister-in-law cuñada
father-in-law suegro mother-in-law suegra
son-in-law yerno daughter-in-law nuera
great-grandfather bisabuelo great-great-granddaughter tataranieta
great-grandmother bisabuela great-uncle tío abuelo
great-great-grandfather tatarabuelo great-aunt tía abuela
great-great-grandmother tatarabuela stepfather padrastro
great-great-grandson tataranieto stepmother madrastra
stepson hijastro stepsister hermanastra
stepdaughter hijastra father-in-law of one's son or daughter consuegro
stepbrother hermanastro wife of one's spouse's brother concuñada

Related Word About Family
fiance, boyfriend, groom prometido, novio fiancee, girlfriend, bride prometida, novia
male partner in a couple relationship compañero female partner in a couple relationship compañera
godfather padrino godmother madrina
godson ahijado goddaughter ahijada
friend (male) amigo friend (female) amiga
acquaintance (male) conocido acquaintance (female) conocida


  • My father and my brother went to play soccer.
  • Mi papá y mi hermano se fueron a jugar futbol.

  • My mother is cooking my favorite meal.
  • Mi mama esta cocinando mi comida favorita.

  • My uncle got married this weekend.
  • Mi tío se casara este fin de semana.

  • My niece broke her leg when she was playing with her friend.
  • Mi sobrina se rompio la pierna cuando jugaba con su amigo.

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