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Facebook Login Will Soon Be Mandatory For The VR Platform

Oculus announced on Twitter that new players will soon be required to login via a Facebook account in order to play games on the VR platform.

Facebook has made strides to make themselves more prevalent in the gaming world — often to the chagrin of core gamers the world over. Facebook is known for their invasive policies and practices, even though they tend to avoid any real repercussions.

Since buying Oculus in 2014, Facebook’s platform has consistently been one of the premier means of escaping reality. Recently, the tech giant has seen mass success with its VR platform, especially with the essentially cordless Oculus Quest. The official Oculus Twitter account announced today that Facebook would be requiring new players to sign in via a Facebook account in order to play games on the platform.

Seemingly a reaction to the platform’s rapidly growing popularity, this move has, as expected, earned widespread backlash from the gaming community. In a follow-up Tweet found in the thread, Oculus made it clear that users who already have an Oculus account will be allowed to choose to merge their Oculus accounts with their Facebook accounts or use their accounts for two more years uninterrupted.

After that two-year grace period, Oculus has confirmed that they will end support for Oculus devices starting January 1, 2023. According to the thread, users will still be able to use their devices, but will not have access to full functionality unless they connect a Facebook account.

This is not only a bold move but a risky one on Facebook’s part. Having made headlines largely from mishandling fake news to breaching personal privacy, the company is already on thin ice. Finding more ways to integrate and invade using their platform is alarming to say the least.

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