Facebook and Microsoft’s Large Submarine Cable Finally Completed

17,000 feet below the ocean surface, right now “Technologically advanced submarine cable” is available. This provides up to 160 Tbps per second data above Google’s alternative. It is a collaboration with Cable, Facebook, Microsoft and Spanish telecommunications company Telxius.

Facebook, Microsoft and Telxius will jointly own the cable , which weighs about 10.25 million pounds – about 34 blue whales. Telxius will serve as a cable operator and will sell and lease its capacity to external service providers. Microsoft and Facebook will use the cable to meet their own capacity needs.

The majority are connected to the United States in New York and New Jersey, as an Atlantic communications cable, but Mareanamed in (Means “tide” in Spanish) the connection in the United States and Europe is located in Virginia. The shooting of New York and New Jersey in 2012 Hurricane Sandysevered north America from Europe for a few days.

Microsoft, in a blog post “The superstorm became aware that another major event could disrupt the vital link in the Atlantic, the lifeline” Said.

“As part of its ongoing efforts to advance innovation and increase the capacity of its global network, Microsoft is exploring options to make transatlantic connections more flexible”

Microsoft did not disclose the investment amount or how much its partners paid.

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