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Emergency in Spanish


Spanish Emergency

When you travel for working or vacation, you can have an accident or can see an accident, so it’s important to know the name of Emergency services in different languages. Lots services of emergency in Spanish are mention in the tables below.

Learning new Spanish words is always a good idea, especially if you are learning to speak this language. Here you will find a list with Emergency words that we can use if a calamity befalls us, you will also improve your vocabulary with our examples and videos.

Spanish Emergency

Main Emergency Service Functions
Rescue ServiceServicio de Rescate
Other Emergency Service
Coast guardGuardia costera
LifeboatBote salvavidas
Mountain rescueRescate de montaña
Mine rescueRescate en las minas
Technical rescueRescate técnico
Search and rescueBúsqueda y rescate
Wild land fire suppressionExtinción de incendios forestales
Bomb disposalDesactivación de bombas
Blood/organ transplant supplySuministro de transplante de órganos o sangre
Emergency managementGestión de emergencias
Amateur radio emergency communicationsComunicaciones de emergencia de radio aficionados
Air searchBúsqueda aérea
Civil Emergency Services
Public utilitiesServicios públicos
Emergency road serviceServicios de emergencia vial
Civilian traffic officersFuncionarios civiles de tráfico
Red CrossCruz Roja
Salvation ArmyEjercito de salvación
Famine relief teamsEquipos de socorro
Animal controlControl de animales
Poison controlControl de envenenamiento
Plague controlControl de plagas
Vehicles for Emergency Services
Firefighting vehiclesVehículos de extinción de incendios
Turntable-ladder trucksCamiones con escalera giratoria
Water-tender vehiclesVehículos autobomba
Fire enginesVehículos de lucha contra incendios
Breakdown vehiclesVehículos de reparación de averías
Mobile bridgesPuentes móviles


  • After the car accident, many ambulances came to pick up the injured people.
  • Después de accidente de carro, muchas ambulancias vinieron para recoger los heridos.
  • Thanks to the coast guard there is less accident in the sea.
  • Gracias a la guardia costera hay menos accidentes en el mar.
  • When animals escape from zoo, animal control captured all of them quickly.
  • Cuando los animales escaparon del zoológico, control de animales los capturaron rápidamente.

Spanish Emergency Services Videos

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