Eating in Spanish

Spanish Eating It is time to learn all about eating in Spanish. The next list helps us to know the different kind of foods you could find in Spain or Latin America and the right pronunciation and writing in Spanish.

Spanish speaker countries are characterized by its great cuisine, besides being the birthplace of some of the most renowned chefs in the world. If you want to taste exotic meals from Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina, the first thing you have to do is improve your vocabulary. In this page you will find useful information about Spanish eating.

Spanish Food

 Spanish Fruits
apple manzana pear pera
banana plátano pineapple piña
lemon limón coconut coco
grapes uvas mango mango
papaya papaya orange naranja
grapefruit toronja, el pomelo lime lima
strawberry fresa cherry cereza
raspberry frambuesa walnut nuez

 Spanish Vegetables
artichoke alcachofa cauliflower coliflor
asparagus espárrago celery apio
avocado aguacate chard acelga
broccoli bróculi corn maíz
beans frejol cucumber pepino
beet betarraga eggplant berenjena
bell pepper chile verde garbanzo garbanzo
cabbage col garlic ajo
carrot zanahoria lettuce lechuga
mushroom champiñon olive aceituna
onion cebolla radish rábano
pickle pepino spinach espinaca
potato papa sweet potato camote
pumpkin calabaza tomato tomate

Spanish Sea Food
fish Pez shrimps Camarones
seafood Mariscos oysters Ostra
crab Cangrejo lobster Langostas
prawns Gambas mussels Mejillones
trout Trucha salmon Salmón
cod Bacalau herring Arenque


Spanish Drinks
drink Bebida apple juice Jugo de manzana
coffee Café cider Sidra
tea pineapple juice Jugo de piña
milk leche lemonade Limonada
hot chocolate Chocolate caliente white wine Vino blanco
orange juice Jugo de naranja red wine Vino tinto
water Agua rosé wine Vino rosé
(sparkling / still) mineral water Agua mineral (con / sin gas) dry wine Vino seco
beer Cerveza sweet wine Vino dulce


Spanish Snack and Dishes
hot dog Perrito caliente ice cream Helados
pizza Pizza pancake Crepe
fries Patatas fritas croissant Croissant
omelet Tortilla yoghurt Yogur
chocolate mousse Mousse chocolate soup Sopa


Spanish Condiments
salt Sal pepper Pimienta
vinegar Vinagre mustard Mostaza
sauce Salsa    


  • I hate onion soup.
  • Odio La sopa de cebolla .

  • My friends and I ate hot dogs.
  • Mis amigos y yo comimos perros calientes.

  • Orange juice is my favorite.
  • El jugo de naranja es mi favorito.

  • John likes to drink beer.
  • A John le gusta tomar cerveza.

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