Toma Este Puñal Dorao

Carmen Rodriguez Pacheco was the birth name of Carmen Linares, who is a famous Spanish Flamenco singer who was born in the province of Jaen in 1951. She started to sing at the end of 60’s, having as teachers some of the most renowned Spanish singers, such as: Pepe Matrona, Fosforito y Juan Varea. Due to her amazing talent, she traveled around the world showing the beauty of Flamenco music. Carmen Rodriguez Pacheco had many music hits but "Toma este Puñal Dorao" was the most popular.

Flamenco Music in Spanish

Toma Este Puñal Dorao

Toma este puñal dorao
y ponte tu en las cuatro esquinas
y dame tu de puñalas
y no me digas que me olvidas
y no me lo digas jamas

Que con el aire que tu llevas
que cuando vas a navegar
que hasta el farol de la cola
que me lo vas a apagar

Cambiaste todo el oro por plata
la plata se volvio oscura
cambiaste todo el oro por plata
que cambiaste una noche muy clara
por una noche sin luna

Que disparate
que yo te quiera
como de antes

Mira lo que andan hablando
sin comerlo ni beberlo
to lo andan criticando

Dime tu que tienes
dime que te pasa
carita de rosa
dime tu que tienes
dime que te pasa
que estas tan llorosa

Pase por lo que tu quieras pase
yo he rapasaito mis libros
cuenta me tiene el dejarte

Que a mi me ha enseñao a querer
yo maldigo a la persona
que me ha enseñao a querer
yo tenia mi sentio
y ahora me encuentro sin el

Dime tu que tienes

Carmen Linares

Toma Este Puñal Dorao

Take this golden dagger
and you stand in the four corners
and give me your daggers
and don't tell me that you forget me
and never tell me

That with the air that you take
that when you go to navigate
that even the lamp of the tail
that you will turn it off

You changed all the gold for silver
it became dark silver
you changed all the gold for silver
that you changed a very clear night
by a moonless night

What nonsense
that I love you
as before

Look what they're talking
without eating or drinking
they are criticizing everithing

Tell me what you have
tell me what happen
face of rose
tell me what you have
tell me what happen
because you are so tearful

Go for what you want me to go
I have read my books
I have a bill for letting you

That it teachs me to love
I curse the person
that teachs me to love
I had my sense
and now I am without it

Tell me what you have

Carmen Linares

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