Directions in Spanish

Spanish Directions If you want to ask directions of any places that you wish know or give information another person, read our list of directions in Spanish.

If you travel to any Spanish-speaking country, you will require asking people for directions. Directions in Spanish must be an essential topic of any Spanish course. Directions allow you to find the place you look for. The Spanish words for the most common directions are simple to learn. You must remember to learn how to structure a question, because people usually use directions in Spanish to ask for a place.

Spanish Directions

English Spanish
left Izquierda
right Derecha
up Arriba
down Abajo
in front of Enfrente de
in back of Detrás de
far Lejos
near Cerca
street Calle
avenue Avenida
north Norte
south Sur
east Este
west Oeste

  • That store is on the right of college.
  • Esa tienda está a la derecha de la universidad.

  • Where is the Libertador avenue?
  • Dónde está la avenida Libertador?

  • The municipality is near to the square.
  • La municipalidad está cerca de la plaza.

  • Chile is south of Peru.
  • Chile está al sur de Perú.

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