Digitalization in the 2000s (Virtual Market Example)

Get ready, back. When we were feared for “millennium”…

2000, Mustafa Topaloğlu, especially pop artists created by wearing gray costumes media strategies, discussion programs “men who decrypt the Koran” “aliens listen to us” “earthquakes made us” such as the extra-world issues and discussions are on the agenda. There are no cell phones yet, there are floppy disks, when we’re surprised. My older brother has chip magazines, harwester of sorrow and pager in the ear. The foxes in our heads are more than I have right now. Tarkan has a New Year’s Eve concert and I pray; “God, please, may the Hour not be brought to the brink today.”

All of us have this kind of perception, flying cars tomorrow, encoded officers, robot enemies, aliens encompassing the world, scenarios that they will make us slaves by plugging chips…

On the other hand, migros manages to incorporate the system that many brands still do not do/can’t.

Virtual Market?

1996-2000: Migros, which travels to Eastern Anatolia in Turkey, opens stores abroad for the first time with Ramstore… It grows at the rate of opening 2 stores per week, develops new formats, first loyalty card; Migros Club creates card and brings together turkey’s first virtual shopping mall with the customer.


And of you are those who say, “Come on, I am astonished. then I investigated the use of credit cards and of course; virtual market.

According to the Credit Card Application article published in TBB in Turkey;

The idea of card payment was first revealed in Edward Bellamy’s 1887 science fiction novel “Looking Backward Or Life In The Year 2000”.

The transition to chip technology in Turkey took place after 2000. (Source:

Migros started this virtual marketplace application at the door at the payment point. As the system structured itself, it would improve its virtual market and outlook in Migros.

What did they say in the 2000s to 2017?

Perfect for someone who knows exactly what’s going on in your house. They don’t get paid for a shipment, and it’s cheaper. 12.01.2000 07:04 kris (Source:–55031?p=1)

They’ve got a card at the door. Online card or cash stands at the door only now. Ridiculous. 10.10.2017 12:53 pm retiredcolonel (Source:–55031?p=26)

I will give you an important secret, I have a technological mother, and during my banking process, I gave advice to my parents about “mobile banking”, i cited examples. (even to my peers)

The market where my mother shops the most does not know the name of the “virtual market” buffeter, but she knows the number of her brother who carries the bags home. When there’s a problem with the bill, he talks to the call center and convinces him.

I would like to reiterate once again that globalization is not enough with employees who have not caught the Millennium Age, who have managed companies in the minds of tradesmen, who go abroad and speak 3 different languages.

I sampled the process of success of a company whose focus is customer and follows trends, which is built on virtuality without even a card yet.

It is now imperative that we understand that digitalization is a process, that we should not aim to increase the number of followers, but also to real marketing.



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