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Development is Nearly Complete, Screenshots Reveal New Bosses and Stages

Nioh 2 Director and Producer Fumihiko Yasuda mentioned development is nearly complete and new details will be coming once a week until release in March.

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja revealed new details and screenshots for Nioh 2, introducing a new character, new monsters, and stages. Moreover, Nioh 2 Producer and Director Fumihiko Yasuda announced in a message published by the Japanese Nioh 2 Twitter account that the game’s development is nearly complete. Meaning Nioh 2 shouldn’t be delayed. The message also states new details on the game will be revealed once each week, for 8 weeks or so, until release on March 13.

The newly revealed Nioh 2 character is Magoichi Saika. He’s the leader of the Saika clan from Kiikuni, an area now known as Wakayama Prefecture in modern Japan. Magoichi Saika is a title inherited generations to generations by the Saika clan head, and his true name is Shigehide Suzuki. He’s the predecessor of Shigetome from Nioh 1. The Saika clan act as mercenaries, with no master, traveling and fighting wars for money. They specialize in gunpowder related weapons like artillery. The clan ends up being hired to guard Ishiyama Hongan-ji against Oda Nobunaga’s army.

Nioh 2′s nameable protagonist will end up infiltrating Ishiyama Hongan-ji. The screenshots show the protagonist confronting Magoichi, who is protected by Yatagarasu, the Guardian Deity inherited in his clan. Magoichi can also fuse with Yatagarasu.

We were also introduced to two new Yokai, the spider ox yokai Gyuuki and the rat-monk like yokai Tesso.

We also have new screenshots and info regarding Guardian Spirits and Yokai skills obtainable by the protagonist. The first Guardian Spirit is the Nine-Tails, which was obtainable super late-game in Nioh 1. In Nioh 2, players can get it quite early. Then we’ve got the Yatakarasu, which you’ll obtain after defeating Magoichi, and the Two-Headed Bird. Note that all these names will probably be officially localized in slightly different terms.

We also learned one of the Yokai Skills in Nioh 2 is a cool Mazinger Z-like Rocket Punch. We also have the Demon Fire yokai skill, a skill whose attributes can actually switch between fire, water, and lightning.

Lastly, we were introduced to two new stages. First is Odani Castle, a mountain castle built on Mount Odani, with a complex labyrinthic structure.

Next, we have more screenshots of the Ishiyama Hongan-ji stage.

PS4 exclusive Nioh 2 got announced at E3 2018. The game got a closed alpha in May 2019 and was also playable at Tokyo Game Show 2019. An open Beta later happened in November 2019, and then the game’s promotion kicked up a notch in Japan, with new character and game system details, screenshots and gameplay. It’s also possible William from the first game is coming back in some form.

Nioh 2 is in its final stages of development and launches on March 12 in Japan and March 13 worldwide. You can preorder the game on Amazon to support us.

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