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Spanish Determiner


Definition:Spanish Determiners are words that make specific the denotation of a noun phrase. In Spanish they agree in gender with the noun. Spanish language uses determiners in a similar way to English language. The main difference is that they agree in gender and number with the noun.

The function of determiner may be applied in Portuguese Grammar, because it’s very similar to Spanish Grammar rules.

Determiner in Spanish


Definite ArticleIndefinite Article

Definite articles: An article that makes a noun refers to a particular item or items of its class.

  • The dogs —> Los perros / Las perras
  • The dog —> El perro / La perra
  • The cat —> El gato / La gata
  • The cats —> Los gatos / Las gatas

Indefinite Article: An article that makes a noun refer to a nonspecific item (or items) of its class.

  • a dogs —> Unos perros / Unas perras
  • a dog —> Un perro / Una perra
  • some cat —> Algún gato / Alguna gata
  • some cats —> Algunos gatos / Algunas gatas

Possessive determiners:

Possessive adjectives agree with the nouns they modify. There are five possessive adjectives.

Masculinemi, míomis, míostu, tuyotus, tuyossu, suyosu, suyos
Femininemi, míamis, míastu, tuyatus, tuyassu, suyasu, suyas
  • This is my pen —> Este es mi lapicero.
  • This pen is mine —> Este lapicero es mío.
  • This is your pen —> Este es tu lapicero
  • This pen is yours —> Este lapicero es tuyo
  • This is our pen —> Este es nuestro lapicero.
  • This pen is yours —> Este lapicero es vuestro.

Demonstratives determiners:

They are those adjectives whose function is to point at something. Spanish has three sets of demonstrative adjectives, which vary by number and gender, so there are 12 in all.

  • That ball is mine —> Esa pelota es mía.
  • This ball is mine —> Esta pelota es mía.
  • These balls are mine —> Estas pelotas son mías.
  • Those balls are mine —> Esas pelotas son mías.

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