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Panish Definite Article


Definition: A Spanish definite article may be used as a demonstrative pronoun. It is regularly found before the preposition de or “the” relative pronoun que.

Definite Article in Spanish

Definite article in Spanish speaks or talks about of a something known or that can be identified as a store or animal; these articles are:


The article Lo is used for speak to something abstract or abstract concepts, but it is not used with concrete nouns.


  • The difficult to play chess is to learn the moves.
  • Lo difícil de jugar ajedrez es aprender los movimientos.
  • The best of life is to sleep.
  • Lo mejor de la vida es dormir.

Use the definite article before the noun to indicate a general sense or inclusive.


  • I like the dogs.    (Here you find a general sense)
  • Me gustan los perros.
  • The Japanese are Asiatic people.    (Here you find an inclusive sense)
  • Los Japoneses son Asiaticos.

Use the definite article to refer to something already define or mention.


  • The Julio’s pencil is blue.
  • El lápiz de Julio es de color azul.
  • The teacher’s pen has red ink.
  • La pluma del maestro tiene la tinta roja.

Always use the definite article with titles, except when speaking directly to the person.


  • The Mr. Perez in very intelligent.
  • El Sr. Pérez en muy inteligente.
  • The Ms. Mary is a pretty woman.
  • La Sra. María es una mujer bonita.

When two people are speaking, the definite article is deleted.


  • (A) Mr. Castro will be at home tonight?
  • (A) Sr. Castro estará en la noche en su casa?
  • (B) Of course, Mrs. López.
  • (B) Claro, Sra. Lopez
  • (A) I will pass by your house at night, Mr. Castro.
  • (A) Pasare por su casa en la noche, Sr. Castro.

Do not use the definite article before names of countries or cities except in the following cases:

  • When the geographical term is modified.
    • The Perú of Cesar Vallejo.
    • El Perú de Cesar Vallejo.
    • The Bohemian Paris.
    • El Paris bohemio.
  • With the names of the following locations.

The definite article is used with the names of languages, but not after prepositions de and en, also not used definite articles after the words speak (hablar), write (escribir), understand (entender) and read (leer)


  • Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.
  • El portugués es la lengua oficial del Brasil.
  • There are many irregular verbs in English.
  • Hay muchos verbos irregulares en inglés.
  • Ms. Schmidt is a German teacher.
  • La Sra. Schmidt es profesora de alemán.

The articles in spanish are the same to Portuguese articles, if you like learn other language you should learn Portuguese language.

 Spanish Definite Article Videos

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