Spanish Conjugation

Definition: Spanish conjugation is to modify a verb from its basic form. Conjugation may be affected by person, number, gender, tense, aspect, mood, voice, or other grammatical categories.

In Spanish conjugation, there are many categories of verbs. The category is determined by the last two letters of the infinitive, Spanish uses conjugation much more extensively than English.

  • My Mother is working in a company.
  • Mi madre está trabajando en una compañía.

  • My mother worked in a company
  • Mi mama trabajó en una compañía

  • My mother will work in a company
  • Mi mama trabajara en una compañía

Conjugation in Spanish

We must remember that Spanish infinitives always have -ar,-er or -ir endings.

ar er ir
Caminar Walk Correr Run Morir Dead
Cocinar Cook Comer Eat Reir Laugh

Example of conjugation : (Comer = Eat

Infinivite Participle Gerund
Comer to eat Comiendo eating Comido eaten


Present tense
Spanish English
yo Como I eat
Comes You eat
Él/ella Come He/She eats
nosotros Comemos We eat
vosotros Comeis You eat
ellos Comen They eat

Spanish English
yo Comí I ate
Comiste You ate
él Comió He/She ate
nosotros Comimos We ate
vosotros Comisteis You ate
ellos Comieron They ate

Spanish English
yo Comía I ate
Comías You ate
él Comía He/She ate
nosotros Comíamos We ate
vosotros Comíais You ate
ellos Comían They ate

Spanish English
yo Comería I Would eat
Comerías You Would eat
él Comería He/She Would eat
nosotros Comeríamos We Would eat
vosotros Comeríais You Would eat
ellos Comerían They Would eat

Spanish English
yo Comeré I Will eat
Comerás You Will eat
él Comerá He/She Will eat
nosotros Comeremos We Will eat
vosotros Comeréis You Will eat
ellos Comerán They Will eat

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