How do we combine Colors and Add Spirit to Our Designs?

Thanks to the retina’s ability to distinguish the frequencies of light waves in our eyes, we see different colors.

Certain colors or tones evoke different emotions in humans. In this article, by making a quick introduction to color theory; I would like to explain the ways to combine colors and i would like to present you the tools that you can use to make your designs enjoyable through the eyes of a designer to create designs with colors…

Let’s get started!

You can reflect different moods in different colors and use these different colors to achieve different purposes.

Red traditionally Love, Energy and Density associated with . So there’s a tone of red in a lot of car commercials or something related to love.

Salim if things are Intelligence, Attention and Joy Transfer used for . Yellow is an incredibly remarkable color. However, yellow is not a good choice to use as the background or main interface of your application. Yellow can cause attention fatigue. The app is the perfect choice for icon design or application screenshot design.

Green; Freshness, Safety and Growth associated with . That’s why you’ll see companies for the most natural, healthy foods and companies involved in this area using green for branding.

Blue Is Stability. Trust. Peace associated with . The reason Facebook and Twitter are blue is not surprising at all.

Purple; Concession, Wealth, Femininity used for . Purple is more preferred to be used in women’s targeted and luxurious products.

To test these theories, you can start analyzing ads. After all, ads are really well-thought-out experiments to convince and manipulate human psychology.

Next time you see an ad, try to see what techniques or design principles are used to make their designs look beautiful and what emotion they’re trying to wake up.

Selecting a color palette; It’s not just about advertising and attention, it’s about selling your product and addressing some of the instincts or desires that people have.

The first thing you should think about when designing an app/website, the ideas you want to evoke and what emotions you want to convey to the user and the color palette accordingly.

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How do we combine colors to create color palettes?

Now, of course, you can’t use the same color anywhere in your app. You’ll need colorful combinations that are best compatible with each other and are pleasing to the eye.

Artists and designers are usually to combine colors color wheel they use a tool named .

To combine different colors in your designs color theory there are several methods that you can use the science of science.

Analog Color Palette: For this combination, you get a color from the color wheel. Then you choose the colors that are adjacent to it. And you create a design using these colors. Similar colors are compatible and make it easy to design.

Complementary Color Palette: Select a color for this combination and select a color opposite the color wheel. For example, here are red and green colors.

Complementary Color design is usually remarkable and therefore not so good for the main interface or background of your application. Instead, use them for your app icon or screenshots.

Split Colors: You’ll get a color for this color combination. And then you select two colors adjacent to the color opposite the color palette.

It’s both remarkable and nice to look at.

Triadic Color Palette: Take a color and draw a matching triangle. They tend to give a balanced feel of the selected color combination.

This color palette has been used since the ’90s, so it feels a bit of historicality. Many fast-food chain logos of the age carry a combination of triple color selected in this way.

Monochromatic Colors: These colors are very modern and are used a lot in fashion. Monochromatic designs also look good on modern smartphone screens. Just take a single color and combine it with a variety of white or black colors to create different shades and tones. You can mix a large amount of black or white to get the contrast you want.

These color palettes tend to be incredibly current and ensure that you get very good results in modern digital designs.

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Online Color Tools:

We have entered color theory by learning how to combine different colors to spend good time with the eye and achieve certain effects.

There are online tools that you can use to create a color palette or make your own palette. The most used tools are:

Color Hunt: This is an app that professional designers prefer to curing their favorite color palettes. You can find hot, random, popular palettes and choose the color palette best for your project, depending on your mood.

Flat UI Colors: This website contains 20 colors formulated specifically for good operation on the iOS platform.

ColorZilla: This is a great chrome (Browser) extension that lets you find the HEX code of any color on a website.

Using these tools, you can access a color palette that best suits your application/website project by understanding the color theory behind the mood and mixing and matching colors. This will help make your product look attractive, as well as help you evoke a specific idea or feeling for the user.

By Harshita Arora

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